A Guide to not Being a Sparkle Pony

One of the main Burner Principles is Radical Self-Reliance. In order to survive at Burning Man you are expected to bring everything for a week in the desert. Water and food are the important ones but you also need warm clothing and shelter. Confusing this is the overlapping principle of the gift economy with burners sharing their extras and helping those in need. Some may ignore the first and depend on the latter. Thus another sparkle pony is born.

Don't be a sparkle pony

Sparkle Pony

Totally unprepared for survival and not willing to help in any way ~ other than looking fabulous and being sparkly. They have bags packed full of outfits, but lacking in essentials like sun screen, lip balm, dust masks, closed toed shoes, flashlights etc… Expectations to be fed, watered and pampered eventually brings drama to the camp. As camp mates become frustrated with the sparkle pony’s lack of self-reliance and refusal to help out around the camp their attractiveness begins to wane and tension flares.

It is possible to look the part of a sparkle pony without actually being one. Boxer Calvin Klein Hombre Simply take care of yourself. Slip Calvin Klein Baratos You and you alone are responsible for your own well being. Bring enough water and food and do a little research into what you need, not only for your survival but for your comfort as well. Most importantly, lend a helping hand. Ask what you can do to help, even if you can’t do much there is always something.

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