Top Ten Reasons to Go to Burning Man

1. You can show off your awesome outfit from The Fairies Pyamas.
2. You can see other people showing off their awesome outfits from The Fairies Pyjamas.
3. During the day its hot enough to wear your short leaf skirt all on its own.
4. During the night its cold enough to wear your warm pixie vest.
5. Day or night you can look stylish wearing your fluffies.
6. You can bring your Fae Fairy doll to share in all the fun!
7. You can hula hoop all night looking sexy in your hula hoop pants.
8. You can be at one with the playa wearing your Onesie Booty Shorts.
9. Your Fairies Pyjamas outfit will look awesome all covered in playa.
10. You will get a new profile picture in the dust, of coarse wearing The Fairies Pyjamas.

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