EDM Fashion is Evolving

The EDM scene has come a long way from the raves of the early 90’s when it comes to unique fashion. The growing popularity of Burning Man and other festivals are fueling a fashion revolution. Completely wacky outfits of the early candy ravers have given way to a very distinct and fashionable spirit of festival clothing. Guía de compras Steampunk, mad max, jungle and fairy inspired designs all carry the same underlying style. Unique, beautiful and different. The Fairies Pyjamas is a clothing line inspired by fairies and elves. Bikini Calvin Klein 2016 They are one of many new emerging clothing lines but have developed a huge following of fans that truly love the look and feel of their unique style. Comprar Boxer Calvin Klein Their designs use four main colours, Plum, Olive, Charcoal and Black allowing all the pieces to blend together effortlessly. Using stretchy organic cotton in many of their designs allows for an easy fit and a softness that feels fabulous when dancing the night away. Functionality is also an important element not forgotten by The Fairies Pyjamas. Belts with pockets, warm pixie vests, secret compartments in their fur bear hoods, fairy holsters and skirt belts all fulfill the need for carrying your stuff while looking good on the dance floor.

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