Why Fair Trade?

The collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh on 24th April claimed 380 lives, according to the latest estimates.

Do the consumers in our society really want people in poor countries to work themselves to death just so we can save a couple bucks on a shirt. Comprar Boxer Calvin Klein The workers in Bangladesh knew the building was dangerous as large cracks appeared in the walls the day before. T Shirt Kenzo Boxer Calvin Klein Hombre Yet they risked their lives because a missed day of wages meant a missed day of food. Polo Philipp Plein Homme Pas Cher Boxer Calvin Klein de Mujer Is Fair Trade important? It certainly is to the families that lost their loved ones in this tragic event and it should be to you too.

Does Fair trade really make a make a difference?

Fair Trade was developed more than forty years ago to create a sustainable economy for disadvantaged communities. Comprar Calzoncillos Calvin Klein The supply chain is transparent and often certified by a third-party such as The Fairtrade Federation. Calvin Klein Underwear Baratos A fair-trade label also ensures that workers receive living wages, fair working conditions, and that companies reinvest back in their community through education and other facilities. Yes, this does increase the cost of production but it’s a small price to pay to insure that people are not being abused by our society’s want of cheap garments. Dsquared T Shirt Tangas Calvin Klein Baratos More designers are thinking about sustainability, how their clothes are made and where their materials are from. Compared to large stores, small brands like The Fairies Pyjamas really have a far better sense of how their products are made and the condition of the factories where they were made in. Boxer Calzoncillos Calvin Klein

A million voices for safe factories in Bangladesh.

Sign this petition and take action to get fashion giants H&M and GAP to sign a binding agreement for safer factories in Bangladesh. Comprar Ropa Interior Calvin Klein Let’s spread this widely so a million people sign this week. Send the email below to friends and family, and post this link on your Facebook wall.

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