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Envision Festival


Envision Festival 2014

We are SUPER excited to be vending at Envision Festival in Costa Rica happening Feb 26-Mar 2. It’s a most wonderful way to to break up the winter and enjoy some awesome music in the sunshine!  We are honoured to share our fair trade and organic clothing with our like minded friends. kiribati .  While you are there, visit us at The Fairies Pyjamas booth and say hello. google adsense banned  Together we are creating positive change around the world.
Come join in this magical paradise festival, your new friends are waiting for you!

Helping in Nepal


Jhaindra, (the fair trade facility owner that we work with for Fairies Pjs) and Michelle (owner and designer of the Fairies Pjs) flew to the Western part of Nepal to Nepalganj where they visited Jhaindra’s friend Ram from Unicef. Ram helps to rescue children and young adults from slave labour.  One of the programs that Jhaindra helps with is teaching them a trade in tailoring. ask me questions  They learn to sew and construct garments as well as hand looming.  Once the trainees are ready they then come to Kathmandu where Jhaindra has made a home for them.  They work at the fair trade facility making about 15 or more times then they could have in their previous situation.  Pictured is the group of trainee’s we visited today who all have success stories.  Michelle is working on a short documentary of this project as forty individuals are now currently working making Fairies Pjs at the fair trade facility in Kathmandu. This group is on their way to join them soon. We are really looking forward to sharing this experience with all fans of Fairies Pjs with the short doc.  It truly means the world to all these people to have skills and a job and we are so thankful to have a part in this project. Thank you Jhaindra for bringing hope and positive change to those that are the least fortunate. Change IS possible!