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The Next Era

1512550_10152160140094185_840406116_nAfter five successful years in Kensington Market we are evolving out of our Toronto ‘brick and mortar’ location. Polo Ralph Lauren Ropa Interior Calvin Klein Barata While embracing the trend towards e-commerce we are not forgetting about the joys of in-store shopping. T Shirt Balmain Boxer Calvin Klein Hombre Alternative Thinking is the newest location in Toronto to join the growing family of stores carrying The Fairies Pyjamas clothing line.

Motion Notion 2014 – Expected to Sell Out in Its 15th Year

Motion Notion cover photoMotion NotionElectronic music, art, nature, and boundless amounts of fun…”the kind you don’t have to go looking for ’cause it’s coming right at you”.

Embraced by nature and surrounded by breathtaking peaks of the Rocky Mountains, this festival is brimming with feelings of contentment, peace and community. It’s not surprising that in its 15th year it is expected to sell out for the first time. T Shirt Dsquared Adidas Yeezy Boost 330 Pas Cher MoNo as it’s affectionately called by its attendees started from the heart and has grown through grassroots channels to become one of Canada’s premier transformational events.

This years line up is a mighty list of international bass rocking talent! Over 40 headliners including favorites like Gaudi, The Funk Hunters, Stickybuds, Bluetech, Doctor Werewolf and Longwalkshortdock. Head over to for the full list plus artist bios, photos and audio samples!

Artisan vendors are plentiful with quality shops like The Fairies Pyjamas, Electrofur, Earth Nynja Leather and Flowlab. Consuming food will not just be about survival or keeping you full of energy for a dancing marathon, this years artisan food choices are sure to have your taste buds salivating.

Performers and artists are more than welcome and show up in strength! Anyone can perform where and when they wish so long as they abide by all laws of the land and don’t destroy anything. Short Philipp Plein Homme As well as twelve large camp fires, Bryan Smart’s Dragon Fire and sculptures will be returning for a third year keeping MoNoers warm during the chilly B.C nights.

Although the festival is designed to give you the freedom and comfort to enjoy the great outdoors while listening to incredible music, it doesn’t come without rules. Chaussure Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost The festival values and codes of conduct are simple but strong:

1) Respect & accept other’s space, time, and opinion.

2) Non-violent conflict resolution.

3) Care for nature.

Motion Notion has a level of intimacy you simply won’t find at larger events. Acheter Adidas Yeezy Boost 550 The air is fresh, the grass is green and the sence of community is genuine. T Shirt Ralph Lauren Soldes Adidas Yeezy Boost 550 It simply contains all the right ingredients for a transformational event that will exceed all your expectations.

“Experiencing music and art in nature helps people to feel the essence of Humanity, the Earth, and the Universe…

A Guide to not Being a Sparkle Pony

One of the main Burner Principles is Radical Self-Reliance. In order to survive at Burning Man you are expected to bring everything for a week in the desert. Water and food are the important ones but you also need warm clothing and shelter. Confusing this is the overlapping principle of the gift economy with burners sharing their extras and helping those in need. Some may ignore the first and depend on the latter. Thus another sparkle pony is born.

Don't be a sparkle pony

Sparkle Pony

Totally unprepared for survival and not willing to help in any way ~ other than looking fabulous and being sparkly. They have bags packed full of outfits, but lacking in essentials like sun screen, lip balm, dust masks, closed toed shoes, flashlights etc… Expectations to be fed, watered and pampered eventually brings drama to the camp. As camp mates become frustrated with the sparkle pony’s lack of self-reliance and refusal to help out around the camp their attractiveness begins to wane and tension flares.

It is possible to look the part of a sparkle pony without actually being one. Boxer Calvin Klein Hombre Simply take care of yourself. Slip Calvin Klein Baratos You and you alone are responsible for your own well being. Bring enough water and food and do a little research into what you need, not only for your survival but for your comfort as well. Most importantly, lend a helping hand. Ask what you can do to help, even if you can’t do much there is always something.

EDM Fashion is Evolving

The EDM scene has come a long way from the raves of the early 90’s when it comes to unique fashion. The growing popularity of Burning Man and other festivals are fueling a fashion revolution. Completely wacky outfits of the early candy ravers have given way to a very distinct and fashionable spirit of festival clothing. Guía de compras Steampunk, mad max, jungle and fairy inspired designs all carry the same underlying style. Unique, beautiful and different. The Fairies Pyjamas is a clothing line inspired by fairies and elves. Bikini Calvin Klein 2016 They are one of many new emerging clothing lines but have developed a huge following of fans that truly love the look and feel of their unique style. Comprar Boxer Calvin Klein Their designs use four main colours, Plum, Olive, Charcoal and Black allowing all the pieces to blend together effortlessly. Using stretchy organic cotton in many of their designs allows for an easy fit and a softness that feels fabulous when dancing the night away. Functionality is also an important element not forgotten by The Fairies Pyjamas. Belts with pockets, warm pixie vests, secret compartments in their fur bear hoods, fairy holsters and skirt belts all fulfill the need for carrying your stuff while looking good on the dance floor.

Facebook Photo Contest

photo contest

Show us how you are a SUPER fan!

And you’re entered to win $250 Gift Certificate to shop ONLINE! Click here to enter or vote.

Simply upload a photo of yourself wearing at least ONE item of The Fairies Pyjamas. Adidas Ultra Boost Pas Cher Slip Calvin Klein Outlet Then other fans and your friends will vote on who they think should win a shopping spree!

We recommend just uploading ONE photo and then telling ALL your friends to vote for you.

You can combine other designers in your outfit- but The Fairies Pyjamas item needs to be very clearly visible.

You can upload a photo you might have already submitted.

Flower Lights

Flower Lights

Flower Lights

Need a little atmosphere in your room? These flower lights are a great edition to any room: draped over a bookcase or mirror, outlining your bed headboard, falling ceiling to floor or wrapped around a sculpture. Tanga Calvin Klein Mujer These lights are beautiful all year round. T Shirt Dsquared Homme Calzoncillos Slip Calvin Klein They are made from real rubber tree leaves. T Shirt Balmain Pas Cher Fashioned by artisans in Southern Thailand, the leaves fall off the trees and are collected, then lain out flat to dry for about a month until they are dehydrated to their skeleton form. They are then dyed and crafted into the flower shapes on the lights.

Hula Hoop Pants

Hula Hoop Pants

Hula Hoop Pants

You’ll LOVE wearing these pants to festivals, dancing, hula hooping or performing. Bañadores Calvin Klein Hombre Baratos They are a pair of our new Booty Shorts with 1 inch wide ‘garter’ like straps sewn onto long belled legwarmers. The shorts have gathered stretchy cotton and lace layers on the bottom for a cute and flirty look. Calzoncillos Calvin Klein Hombre The legs are slightly belled so you can cover your shoes like an anime character or wear fluffies (fluffy legwarmers) underneath. Calvin Klein Boxer Baratos Wear them on their own or pair with our Leaf Skirts. Look hot.

Envision Festival Photos

Wow, what an incredible festival in Costa Rica. So much unique clothing on display. Chaussure Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost The Fairies Pyjamas was a perfect fit for the hot temps.

Short Leaf Skirt with Pockect

Short Leaf Skirt with Pocket

  Our new short leaf skirt with pocket was a clear favorite. Adidas Ultra Boost Homme Pas Cher It’s a perfect layer on top of our Hula Hoop Pants or any leggings and longer skirts. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Pas Cher At hot festivals it super sexy on its own. Step in the fairy forest and live your pixie dream in our new and improved Leaf Layer Skirt.    
Booty Shorts Halter Onesie

Booty Shorts Halter Onesie

Another big seller was our new Booty Shorts Halter Onesie.