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Motion Notion 2014 – Expected to Sell Out in Its 15th Year

Motion Notion cover photoMotion NotionElectronic music, art, nature, and boundless amounts of fun…”the kind you don’t have to go looking for ’cause it’s coming right at you”.

  Embraced by nature and surrounded by breathtaking peaks of the Rocky Mountains, this festival is brimming with feelings of contentment, peace and community. It’s not surprising that in its 15th year it is expected to sell out for the first time. MoNo as it’s affectionately called by its attendees started from the heart and has grown through grassroots channels to become one of Canada’s premier transformational events.

This years line up is a mighty list of international bass rocking talent! Over 40 headliners including favorites like Gaudi, The Funk Hunters, Stickybuds, Bluetech, Doctor Werewolf and Longwalkshortdock. Head over to for the full list plus artist bios, photos and audio samples!

  Artisan vendors are plentiful with quality shops like The Fairies Pyjamas, Electrofur, Earth Nynja Leather and Flowlab. Consuming food will not just be about survival or keeping you full of energy for a dancing marathon, this years artisan food choices are sure to have your taste buds salivating.

  Performers and artists are more than welcome and show up in strength! Anyone can perform where and when they wish so long as they abide by all laws of the land and don’t destroy anything. As well as twelve large camp fires, Bryan Smart’s Dragon Fire and sculptures will be returning for a third year keeping MoNoers warm during the chilly B.C nights.

  Although the festival is designed to give you the freedom and comfort to enjoy the great outdoors while listening to incredible music, it doesn’t come without rules. The festival values and codes of conduct are simple but strong:

  1) Respect & accept other’s space, time, and opinion.

  2) Non-violent conflict resolution.

  3) Care for nature.

  Motion Notion has a level of intimacy you simply won’t find at larger events. The air is fresh, the grass is green and the sence of community is genuine. It simply contains all the right ingredients for a transformational event that will exceed all your expectations.

“Experiencing music and art in nature helps people to feel the essence of Humanity, the Earth, and the Universe… “-James Katalyst (Event Founder)

IMG_0628motion notion dragon

motion notion stage

A Guide to not Being a Sparkle Pony

  One of the main Burner Principles is Radical Self-Reliance.  In order to survive at Burning Man you are expected to bring everything for a week in the desert. Water and food are the important ones but you also need warm clothing and shelter.  Confusing this is the overlapping principle of the gift economy with burners sharing their extras and helping those in need. Some may ignore the first and depend on the latter. Thus another sparkle pony is born.

Don't be a sparkle pony

Sparkle Pony

Totally unprepared for survival and not willing to help in any way ~ other than looking fabulous and being sparkly. They have bags packed full of outfits, but lacking in essentials like sun screen, lip balm, dust masks, closed toed shoes, flashlights etc… Expectations to be fed, watered and pampered eventually brings drama to the camp.  As camp mates become frustrated with the sparkle pony’s lack of self-reliance and refusal to help out around the camp their attractiveness begins to wane and tension flares.

  It is possible to look the part of a sparkle pony without actually being one. Simply take care of yourself. You and you alone are responsible for your own well being. Bring enough water and food and do a little research into what you need, not only for your survival but for your comfort as well. Most importantly, lend a helping hand.  Ask what you can do to help, even if you can’t do much there is always something. You will feel much better for participating and people will love you for more than just being great eye-candy.

Top Ten Reasons to Go to Burning Man

1. You can show off your awesome outfit from The Fairies Pyamas.
2. You can see other people showing off their awesome outfits from The Fairies Pyjamas.
3. During the day its hot enough to wear your short leaf skirt all on its own.
4. During the night its cold enough to wear your warm pixie vest.
5. Day or night you can look stylish wearing your fluffies.
6. You can bring your Fae Fairy doll to share in all the fun!
7. You can hula hoop all night looking sexy in your hula hoop pants.
8. You can be at one with the playa wearing your Onesie Booty Shorts.
9. Your Fairies Pyjamas outfit will look awesome all covered in playa.
10. You will get a new profile picture in the dust, of coarse wearing The Fairies Pyjamas.

Fluffies or Legwarmers

Fluffies or legwarmers


Do you like to hula hoop? Dress up at festivals? If so, then whether you call them fluffies or legwarmers, they are for you. We love to look good and party at the EDM festivals – and our new over the knee legwarmers will compliment any short skirt or booty shorts. Wear them over leggings on those cold days; sometimes we call them ‘space bells’ cause they really are a pair of slip on bell bottoms. These flared legwarmers slip on over the knee and are topped with an organic stretchy cotton drawstring to keep them in place. The flashy and furry fabric makes them a perfect addition to your animal outfit with our Full Faux Fur Bear Hood and our Faux Fur armwarmers. 

EDM Fashion is Evolving

The EDM scene has come a long way from the raves of the early 90’s when it comes to unique fashion. The growing popularity of Burning Man and other festivals are fueling a fashion revolution. Completely wacky outfits of the early candy ravers have given way to a very distinct and fashionable spirit of festival clothing. Steampunk, mad max, jungle and fairy inspired designs all carry the same underlying style. Unique, beautiful and different.
The Fairies Pyjamas is a clothing line inspired by fairies and elves. They are one of many new emerging clothing lines but have developed a huge following of fans that truly love the look and feel of their unique style. Their designs use four main colours, Plum, Olive, Charcoal and Black allowing all the pieces to blend together effortlessly. Using stretchy organic cotton in many of their designs allows for an easy fit and a softness that feels fabulous when dancing the night away.
Functionality is also an important element not forgotten by The Fairies Pyjamas. Belts with pockets, warm pixie vests, secret compartments in their fur bear hoods, fairy holsters and skirt belts all fulfill the need for carrying your stuff while looking good on the dance floor.
Once you become a fan, you are a fan for life.

Circus Master Vest

Circus Master Vest

Circus Master Vest

Working with our new certified organic cotton twill, the pleated fabric on this vest creates a strong, dramatic collar. It is structured with three layers of folded twill – the center large layer provides the long elegant collar while the two smaller ones help support it. A matching pleated fringe decorates the shoulders of each armhole. For the rest of the vest, fitted panels meeting at the center front zipper and a corset tie in the back allow for you to cinch the top to just the right size. We named this the vest of the ‘Circus Master‘ as you can’t help but feel so elegant and in the center ring of everything while wearing this awesome organic vest!

On sale now for just $48.75

Pixie Hood

Pixie Hood

Pixie Hood

This pointed pixie hood is trimed with beautiful and soft fun fur. It will keep you cozy and warm, with a mischievous eleven look. It includes a small stash pocket at the back of the neck, and fun fur trim that extends into a scarf you can wrap around your neck or under the arms. Match it with the rest of our colourful Faux Fur collection.

Flower Lights

Flower Lights

Flower Lights

Need a little atmosphere in your room? These flower lights are a great edition to any room: draped over a bookcase or mirror, outlining your bed headboard, falling ceiling to floor or wrapped around a sculpture. These lights are beautiful all year round.

They are made from real rubber tree leaves. Fashioned by artisans in Southern Thailand, the leaves fall off the trees and are collected, then lain out flat to dry for about a month until they are dehydrated to their skeleton form. They are then dyed and crafted into the flower shapes on the lights.

When you open your new flower light package, spray water on them like you would to a real plant and you’ll see the flowers bloom open again as you rehydrate them!

Keep the box they come in as if you ever move you will want to wet the leaves again and fold up into the package so when you arrive at your new destination they will be just like new.

Bustle Belt

Bustle Belt

Bustle Belt

Perfect for festivals, this twill cotton belt is not only cute but functional – with a large zippered pocket and two small insert pockets lining the inside back of the belt, you can hide your belongings and add to your outfit. On the outside of the belt, layers of Nepalese fabrics are gathered to create a “bustle.” Looks fantastic over a skirt or even as a touch of flair to your favourite pair of jeans. The belt comes in several sizes, and include 10 snaps for adjustment. This steampunk style combined with function make this belt a must have for festivals. Check out our four different colour combinations to match your fairy style.   

BL-WH: Black and White combo. BR-DO- Brown and Dark Olive combo. PL-BU- Plum and Blue combo. PL-PI- Plum and Pink combo.